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<span style=font-size: large;>Jai srimannarayana!! Pravachanam. Com is a online directory for a lot spiritual knowledge. Thank you so much for everyone who involved in this great &nbsp;Kainkaryam. I wish you a very happy 7 th anniversary and I wish this must continue for ever and ever for sharing divine knowledge..&nbsp;</span>

<p>happy 7 th anniversary . Hope it continues to serve people .</p><p>Hats off Satheesh uncle !&nbsp;</p><p>Jai Srimannarayana!&nbsp;</p><p><br /></p>

I have just browsed the site. Seen lot of change it. We are looking forward to have more pravachanams added time to time. wishesRajesh

<p>JAISRIMANNARAYANA!</p><p>Congratulations for your 7th anniversary. Thanks for all your efforts, this website has enlightened&nbsp;my life in many ways.</p>


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