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May 22, 2015 :: Sanskrit :: Vedic Scholars
03 Aranyakanda VS Ramayana Parayanam UPDATED DAILY

May 11, 2015 :: Sanskrit :: Vedic Scholars
02 Ayodhyakanda VS Ramayana Parayanam

May 5, 2015 :: Telugu :: Kandadai Ramanujacharya
Sri Gunaratnakoshamu KR 2014-2015

April 27, 2015 :: English :: Dushyanth Sridhar
Dushyanth Sridhar USA 2015 Trip Discourses

About Pravachanam.Com

“Pravachanam” is a Sanskrit word which means a discourse from a Guru on any matter related to spirituality or code of conduct. In the good old days of Guru-Shishya tradition, Gurus dedicated their lifetime propagating the principles they believed through “Pravachanams” to the interested Shisyas in particular, and to the common public in general. The spontaneous flow of words from these great souls is the “Amrita Dhara” (flow of nectar) which got the potential to rejuvenate the tired minds and act as the greatest motivator to orient them to the most meaningful path in life.

In the days of no popular media, people used to walk miles together to cherish the great experience of listening to their Guru’s live discourses. In the modern world, there are many interested people like us yearning for this nectar but do not get an opportunity to get it from the live discourses. This website is made for people like us who in the hustle and bustle of life in the distant lands never get an opportunity to fully know their Dharma, their philosophy and more so their roots, through Gurus inspite of their best intentions.