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Tiruppavai Pravachanam Daily Live on telebridge in Dhanurmasam

Introduction of Tiruppavai: 


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ఇక్కడ తిరుప్పావై తెలుగులో చదువుకోండి

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இங்கே தமிழ் திருவில்லிபுத்தூர் ஆண்டாள் கோவில் படிக்க

यहाँ हिंदी में तिरुप्पावै पढ़ें

ఇక్కడ తిరుప్పావై పాడటం(Learn to Recite) నేర్చుకోండి

sri andal

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The Tiruppavai is a collection of thirty stanzas (paasuram) in Tamil Sung by Andal, incarnation of Sri Bhudevi, in praise of the God Tirumal or Vishnu during the month of Margazhi. It is part of Divya Prabandha, a work of the twelve Alvars, and is important in Tamil literature. The Priests in Vishnu temples chant these in Daily Aradhan everyday of the year. Margazhi month signifies end of Dakshinayana.

It always starts on December 16th or 15th every year. For all Devas, it signifies the beginning of the day. " Of all the months the month Ma:rga si:rsha is Me " declared Lord Krishna in Bhagavad Gita. This is a holy month. Whatever Divine activity that is taken up during this month will yield the best results. Goda, or Anda:l, a small 5 year old girl, conducted a vratham to marry Lord Krishna,during this month and was successful in her mission. 

She sang the greatness of the Lord in 30 songs, a song a day and submitted the garland of 30 songs to Lord Krishna. Each song is called as Pa:vai in Tamil. The garland of these 30 songs is called as Thiruppa:vai where Thiru stands for 'Holy'and pAvai is a vratham, a penance or vow. Tiruppavai Vratam is the substance of WHOLE VEDA and whoever wish to enjoy the divine Experience, wish to pray for the welfare of the world, should take in part in this vratam get enlightened with the divine knowledge filled in these Pasurams.

About Speaker:

Ubhaya vEdAntha pravarthakAchArya sRimAn
sirisinahal vEnkatAcharya is a well-known scholar in visistAdvaita philosophy
and sRivaishnava sampradayam in Telugu land.

He was born in 1935 in Korutla in Karimnagar
district to panditha rathna, vidyAbhshana, 
sRi u. vE. Sriman sirisinahal krishnamAchArya ShatAvadhAni swAmy.  He completed his MA in Telugu and Sanskrith
and retired as Lecturer in Government Degree College. 

He studied samskrutha sAhithyam, tarka, mImAmsa in
traditional way and specialized in vyAkarana sAstra. He has done deep adhyana
of visistAdvaitha vEdantha and srIvaishnava sampradyam, including sRibhashyam
and bhangavadvishayam, at the feet of many traditional scholars. Known for his
erudition, scholarship and oratory, Acharya swAmy has been delivering lectures
in ubhaya vEdAntha sabhas on various visistAdvaitic topics for last 35 years.

He is, at present, conducting traditional
kAlakshEpas in thirupAvai, bhagavadvishayam and other divya prabhandhAs.
Imparting vEdAntha and sampradAya granthAs to interested sRivaishnavAs.
Carrying out hereditary AchAryathva, SthAnAcharyathva in local srIvaishnava
temples and writing on various topics of interest in srIvaishnava tradition.
For his knowledge and service to srIvaishnava sampradayam, Sri Venkatacharya
swami has been bestowd with many titles and honours.

He has received many titles,  “ubhaya vEdantha vidwan” from Ubhaya
Vedanthacharya Peetham, Sriramngam, ‘shAstra vidwanmani’ from Tirumal Tirupathi
Devasthanam (TTD), ‘ubhaya vEdAntha vAchaspathi’ from Ubhaya Vedantha Sabha,
Narasapur (A.P.), ‘panditha rathna’ from Koil Kandhadai Rangcharya Swami
Smaraka sabha, Warangal (Telangana). He has been felicitated with ‘AchArya
varivasya’ by Thraivarnika Ramanuja Kootam, Visakhapatnam (A.P.),  ‘visista panditha puraskAram’ by Thirumala
Trust, Hyderabad,  ‘visista puraskAram’
at Vijayanagarm, Tenali and Jaggayyapeta (A.P.), ‘srImAn Iyunni sEsham
singarAchArya swAmy smAraka visista puraskAram’ at Narasapur (A.P.), ‘srI
raghunAtha dEsika visista panditha puraskAram”, on 90th
Thirunakshatra uthsavam of mahA mahOpAdhyAya Dr. RaghunAthachArya swAmy,
Warangal (Telangana).

At present SrI swAmy is
residing in Hyderabad and imparting vEdAntha and sampradAya granthAs to
sRivaishnavA jijnAsus.