Its My 10th Anniversary say Hello and get your goody bag.

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Subject: Its My 10th Anniversary say Hello and get your goody bag.
Date: October 9th 2018

Dear Bhandu,

We are celebrating today 10th anniversary (9th October 2018) of with god blessings & our great masters (acharyas/gurus) guidance and your continuous support.

We came long way with so many developments, achievements, enhancements & expansions.

It could not have been possible without your generous support time to time.

Accomplishments in the last one year:

     * Have been supporting to the community as non-profit(charitable) organization[501(c)] over two years.

     * Upgrading website with many features.

     * Uploaded useful books (pdfs) [Still in progress].

     * Facility to post/publish any philosophical events online to let others know.

     * WhatsApp updates to enlighten users with Vedic culture and ancient scriptures.

     * Sharing the pages in social media network(Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp etc.)

     * We have completed 8 books out of 9 books in Ramanuja scriptures as part of daily discourses on the occasion of Ramanuja Sahasrabdhi.

       - We have many more pravachanams planned to conduct in future.

     * Added vlearn where we can learn any stotras from acharya. 

        - Here the link for vlearn menu:


     * Published more than 700 pearls of knowledge (Ahobila Jnana Gulikalu) 


     * Enlightened devotees with more than 100 subhashitas.

     * Released svsns app(Sri Vishnu Sahasra Naama Stotram)  for any one to learn Vishnu Sahasra Naamam online.

         IOS App Link:

         Android App Link:

     * Instantly available broadcasted pravachams in MIXLR app.

           -About MIXLR App:

            * FROM INDIA & OUTSIDE USA : ‎DOWNLOAD MIXLR - Select LISTEN and Search for RAMANUJA

            * Click the link below to know about how to download MIXLR application and listen Live Audio:


            * Here is the video link for Listening recorded audios in MIXLR app:



   * Please subscribe for WhatsApp updates 

           -To get updates about LIVE pravachanams on


             mixlr live from ramanuja channel ,

             knowledge pearls from our scriptures ,

             daily acharya bodha, and many more

     Please Follow this link to join Payonidhi  WhatsApp group:

     * Over 1000 members subscribed for whatsapp updates already.


Once again thank you so much for your generous support.
We look forward for your financial support for future endeavors of

Convey your best wishes and get your goody bag by clicking this below link.

Thank You. Team


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