Vedanta Saaram - Daily LIVE Pravachanam by Sriman U.Ve. Kandlakunta Venkata Narasimhacharya Swami varu

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Subject: Vedanta Saaram - Daily LIVE Pravachanam by Sriman U.Ve. Kandlakunta Venkata Narasimhacharya Swami varu
Date: October 25th 2017

Dear Bandhu,

In Continuation to the discourses on Sri Ramanuja Works, We are starting New Pravachanam called Vedanta Saaram which is 6th of 9 Books of Sri Bhagavat Ramanuja Grandhamala.

We are very fortunate to have this pravachanam by Sriman U.Ve. Kandlakunta Venkata Narasimhacharya Swami varu.

About The Speaker:

Sriman U.Ve. Kandlakunta Venkata Narasimhacharya Swami was born in 1951 to the Vyakarana Pundit and Stha:na:charya of Yadagirigutta temple from 1930-48 Sriman Kandlakunta Seetaramanujacharyulu and Srimati Lakshmamma Garu in the holy town of Yadagirigutta.

Swami varu obtained his early education in Lakshmi Narasimha Sanskruta Vidyapeetham in Yadagirigutta. After serving in the education sector in Nalgonda for about 40 years, Swami varu retired in 2009 and decided to dedicate his time to adhya:tmika services.

After learning Sampradayika granthas from his own father, Sriman Raghunathacharya swami varu, and Aachi Srinivasacharya swami varu, Swami varu translated about 8 important texts such as Smrti Ratnakaram, Samasrayanamulu-prama:Namulu, and Bhagavad Vishayam from Sanskrit and Mani pravala to Telugu and also gave discourses under the aegis of acharyas such as HH Tridandi Chinna Jeeyar Swami, Bhimavaram Tridandi Sri Ramachandra Jeeyar Swami, and Sriman U.Ve. Satuluri Gopala Krishnamacharya Swami. He has also participated in about 50 of Satuluri vari Bhagavata Saptahas and has now agreed to teach us from the sacred text of Ve:da:nta Sa:ram. 

Don't miss the opportunity.

Conference details:

From October 25th (Wednesday), 2017 Daily (Mon Thru Fri)

 7.00 PM CST to 8.30 PM CST (Central)

 8.00 PM EST to 9.30 PM EST (Eastern)

 6.00 PM MST to 7.30 PM MST (Mountain)

 5.00 PM PST to 6.30 PM PST (Pacific)

 5.30 AM IST (INDIA TIME) - (26th October - Thursday) Following Day

 Phone no: +1-319-527-3169


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