Navama SriRamayana Navaahnika Saamraajya Pattabhisheka Maha Yagnyam

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Subject: Navama SriRamayana Navaahnika Saamraajya Pattabhisheka Maha Yagnyam
Date: September 11th 2017

Jai Srimanarayana!

Dear Bhagavad Bhandus,

Our beloved Aacharya, "U.Ve Sriman Satuluri Gopalakrishnamacharya Swamiji" is conducting a great program of "Navama SriRamayana Navaahnika Saamraajya Pattabhisheka Maha Yagnyam" for 10 days followed by Perumal Kalyanam, at Janakpur, where the wedding of the Divine Couple took place and Sitamma talli was born.

Let's come together and be a part of this remarkable program and stay blessed. 
We all are very fortunate for this opportunity graced by our Aacharya.

Let us express our gratitude and love towards our eternal Parents this September in Janakpur, Nepal and nourish this sacred bond. 


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