Date: January 9th 2011

Dear Bandhu,

We are spiritually delighted to upload Sri Myalavarapu Srinivasa Rao garu Discourse on Srimad Bhavatham. It is conducted in Last month in Tanuku Andhra Pradesh as Sapathaha Pravachanam.

You can directly go the page by clicking here :

If you remember, Sri Mylavarapu Garu gave us opportunity to have daily Pravachanam on telebridge about Karthika Puranam. You can also listen to this from the following :

You can also follow Mylavarapu Garu on Facebook:

As you already know, We are continuing Telebridge on Tiruppavai by Smt.Kari Tiruvengalamma Garu D/o Sribhashyam Appalacharyulu with excellent response from many of devotees around USA. We strongly suggest you not to miss this great opportunity to listen to LIVE.

Topic : Tiruppavai Daily Pravachanam Tele Bridge Dial Number: 270-400-2000
Access No: 455395#
Date : From Dec 15th 2010 to Jan 14th 2010 Time : 9.00 PM EST [ Easter Standard Time ]

We are going to have a Special Discourse on "Archiradi " [Archiradhi is one of the 18 rahasyas of Sri Pillai Lokacharya. This text describes the path to Vaikunth taken by a muktatma.] on Jan 15th By Smt.Kari Tiruvengalamma garu for one day!

You can find more details of Archiradi Margam in the text here :

Wish You all Happy Dhanurmasam. -- Happy Pongal Days!

We wish you all Spiritually Blissful Year 2011 in advance.

We pray the almighty to give you enough strength to listen more and more discourses and get spiritually enlightened.

Please spread the message about to your friends and families.

We hope that this small effort from will play definitely great role on your spiritual Path.

Mee Bandhu
Dharmika Marga Satsangee
Scholarly Musings Self

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