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Daily LIVE Sri Lakshmi Asthothara Shatanaama Stotra vaibhavam Pravachanam by Sriman U.Ve. Dr. T.K.V. Raghavan Garu

August 20th 2018

Dear Bandhu, Happy Sravana Maasam!!! We hope that you are all able to spare your available time spiritual growth everyday by listening to valuable pravachanams. As we enter the auspicious month of Sravanam, we are delighted to celebrate Vara Lakshmi Vratam with daily live pravachanams on Sri Lakshmi Asthothara Shatanaama Stotra vaibhavam by Sriman Dr. T.K.V. Raghavan Garu from August 20th, 2018 - (7.00 PM CST ). --------------------------------------------------------------------- Abou ...Continue Reading